Property managers, HOAs, universities, and corporate buildings that require a simple and convenient parking solution in Houston, Texas will find Virtual Parking Permits suitable for their needs. 

A contactless solution to all your modern parking needs. Virtual Parking Permits provides you with a perfect platform to manage all your parking hassles from a state-of-the-art cloud-based management system. 

The platform is primarily used for residential and guest parking management and has earned renown for its advanced License Plate Recognition technology which removes the need for paper permits. 

In this article, we will be exploring how you can register for guest and residential parking on this platform and how parking managers can manage parking effortlessly. 

How To Register Permit for Guest/Residential Parking?

Registering for guest or residential parking with Virtual Parking Permits is a simple process. Here’s a step-by-step guide that will provide you with detailed instructions. 

  1. First of all, you have to make sure that the property you are registering your vehicle to has available the Virtual Parking Permits platform. Unless the HOA or the building you are registering your vehicle to is registered on the platform, you won’t be able to get their permits. 
  2. You cannot register for residential or guest permits through the desktop portal. You will have to download the mobile application for that. You can download the smartphone application using the following link.
    For Android:
    For iPhone: 
  3. Once you have downloaded the application, click on “Tenet Login” and log in with the email and password that have been provided to you by your parking manager. 
  4. Once you have logged in to your account, click on My Permits to register your vehicle to your selected property or click on Guest Permits to create a guest permit. 
  5. You will be able to register an allowed number of vehicles to your property and also issue instant guest permits for the selected duration to your guests. 
  6. Make sure that you provide the correct information regarding the vehicle you are registering. The platform will use the License Plate Number itself as a virtual permit and will not issue a paper permit. 
  7. You can however print the online permit and display it on the windscreen. 

How To Get Virtual Parking Permits Platform for Your Property/Building/HOA?

Getting Virtual Parking Permits will require significant consideration on your part. The platform is simple to use and provides convenient access to parking management. 

However, you also have to consider the cost associated with adopting and implementing such an advanced system. Manually managing paper permits is cheaper but also comes with its own set of challenges. 

You can schedule a demo from the official website to test the benefits of the system. Once you have accessed the platform properly, you can subscribe to the services for the agreed-upon price. 

How To Manage Residential or Guest Permits on Virtual Parking Permits?

To manage the residential or guest parking permits, you will still have to download the smartphone application as the platform doesn’t allow desktop management. 

Once you have downloaded the app, instead of Tenet Login, go to Manager Login and use the details that have been provided to you by the platform consultant. 

Once you log in on the platform, you will be able to see the details of all the current permits that are active and all their details. 

Benefits of Using Virtual Parking Permits

Virtual Parking Permits is an advanced solution to all of your parking problems in Houston, Texas. Here are some of the benefits of using this platform:

Easy To Use Smartphone App

All of the parking registration and management is done through the smartphone application. Hence, you can both register for a permit and manage permits efficiently at your fingertips.

Paperless Parking Permits

Virtual Parking Permits saves you from paperwork and excessive efforts by providing a paperless permit management solution. You will be issued an online permit which will be used to identify your vehicle. 

Advanced License Plate Recognition Technology

The cameras installed on tow vehicles use advanced License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to identify the vehicles using their license plate numbers. Hence, there is no risk of towing errors.  

Real-Time Online Management

In addition to instant permit issuing for guests and residents, parking managers can efficiently manage parking permits from the smartphone application as well. The platform provides convenient and reliable access to a real-time cloud-based system.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, currently there is no web-based client for this platform. All of the registration and management is done through their smartphone application. So, both parking managers and people applying for permits will have to use the smartphone application. 

Guest registration is managed by property owners. Guest permits will be applied for and issued through the tenets. Tenets will be responsible for registering their guests and issuing permits to them. 

The platform is suitable for use by Homeowner Associations, Property Managers, Universities, Corporate Buildings, and similar other properties that require parking management services. 


Get a simple solution for parking management in Houston, Texas. Virtual Parking Permits is a reliable platform that completely eliminates towing errors by using advanced LPR technology. 

They have a highly efficient smartphone application that allows parking managers to manage permits and tenets to apply for permits effortlessly. 

Tenets can also issue, manage, and monitor guest permits for their guests. The platform also provides managers the ability to monitor and manage permits in real time. 

Not to mention the whole process is paperless, making it both environmentally friendly and convenient. A perfect solution for all your parking problems in one place. 

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