Reliant Parking – Your No. 1 Parking & Permit Management System 

Reliant Parking is one of the most reliable parking management platforms that allows you to streamline your parking and permit management through a simple cloud-based management system. 

A hassle-free tool that effectively manages all your parking needs and provides you solutions to all parking-related issues. 

With the Reliant Parking platform, you will be able to easily automate most of the operations, giving the residents responsibilities for their data which makes management a lot easier. 

In this article, I will be sharing everything you need to know about Reliant Parking including their vast range of services, their dedicated app for smartphones, and how you can register for their services on the platform. 

Reliant Parking Services

This web and mobile parking management software provides services to a wide range of users. Parking managers who are working for HOAs, Community Buildings, Apartments, or Student Housing will be able to manage their parking much more efficiently if they start using Reliant Parking services. 

Apartments / Building Communities 

Community managers often face a lot of hurdles when managing parking issues. They are often overburdened with requests from residents for guest parking permits. 

Also, they have to deal with resident data updates and parking abuse on a daily basis. 

Reliant parking helps bring control and order to all of these issues. It automates the process of resident registration and guest permit issuing which allows community managers to work more efficiently and build trust in the community. 

Home Owner Associations (HOAs)

Residents of Home Owner Associations are owners of their own properties, which means they won’t be following the rules of the HOAs if the rules are not strictly enforced. 

Hence, there will be plenty of abuse of parking spaces and parking violations. Parking managers for HOAs often have difficulty dealing with these issues as many of the issues arise from confusion. 

Reliant Parking helps make parking management more efficient by providing residents control of their parking spaces and generating their own permits. 

Residents will be made well aware of the strict rules of the association, which will be enforced through guest parking permits. 

Student Housing

Student housing often faces difficulties in parking management because of students constantly move in and out of housing spaces throughout the year. 

So, parking managers have certain difficulty keeping records of when students will be moving in or moving out and managing permits according to the timeline. 

Reliant Parking platform helps maintain an accurate record on a cloud-based management platform that maximizes automation and personal responsibility. 

So, students will have to register themselves using the access code they are given by the parking managers, which streamlines the process. 

How Reliant Parking Platform Works?

The platform provides parking managers with a streamlined web and mobile parking permit management system that manages all property and rental info and resident info in a secure online system. 

Once a parking manager registers their building, HOA, or housing society with Reliant Parking, they provide a login and password that can be used to access the platform along with a unique access code. 

Residents can use this access code to register themselves in their specific parking community. Once registered, residents will have access to the platform 24/7 using the smartphone application that is available on both Android and iOS. 

Instant Guest Parking Permit

Residents can use this application to update their details, add vehicle information, request instant guest parking permits, and report parking violations. The app also provides them access to specific parking rules that are customized by their parking managers. 

Parking managers can log in anytime on the platform through the web-based portal or mobile application to view and monitor information regarding parking management. All of the guest parking information will be automatically streamlined on the platform. 

Since residents update most of their own information and add all the details, all parking managers have to do is verify those details and grant them resident permits along with a limited number of guest parking permits. 

If a community has limited space, the platform allows restriction of guest parking permits per property owner to manage the parking space more efficiently. 

Parking managers will also be able to customize parking rules based on what is agreed upon in the community and are unique. They will be able to monitor all of the resident and guest parking info and also see guest parking history. 

Additionally, parking managers will also have a centralized database that will help them access information on all authorized parking vehicles, including resident and guest parking, immediately, allowing them to deal with unauthorized parking. 

They can give this information to their parking enforcement teams who will deal with vehicles that are not authorized to park in the area and limit violations. 

Benefits of Using Reliant Parking Management System

Reliant Parking provides both residents and parking managers with tons of benefits. Here are some of the highlighted benefits of using this platform. 

Time-Saving Convenient Management

No time to set up and no time for usual permit issuing and management hassles. Reliant Parking provides you with an easy-to-set-up parking management solution that will take as little as 48 hours for full deployment. 

You will get a dedicated customer success manager to ensure that the system is deploy successfully and according to your needs. 

Once the system is up and running, all the responsibility is send to the residents to update the platform, leaving you free as a parking manager to focus on more important affairs. 

Easy Resident & Guest Permit Issuing

Residents will update their own info regarding their property and vehicle info for issuance of their resident parking permits. 

Once you have verified their details, you can issue them resident permits for parking. 

Residents, once verified, will be able to log in to the application, allowing them to request guest parking permits when required. 

Residents will have to provide guest parking details and you can provide them with instant permits once you verify those details. 

Permit & Permitless Parking

Parking managers can choose to go with a permit or permitless parking system. If parking managers feel comfortable and want to go with the green initiative, they can issue digital permits for guest parking, which will allow for paperless parking management. 

In paperless parking, the guest vehicles will be registered and their license plate will act as the parking permit. 

Centralized Data On A Single Platform

Parking managers will have access to all the data on a single centralized platform, allowing for much more efficient parking management. 

They can access this data instantly and will be able to view all of the residents’ data along with their vehicle information, resident parking status, number of guest parking permit issues and their status, and history of guest parking. 

24/7 Resident Parking Support

Both parking managers and residents will have instant access to a reliable and efficient customer support staff team of reliant. 

If residents run into any technical issues, they will be assisted by the support staff at Reliant and the conversation will be forwarded to their parking managers.

Efficient Guest Parking Management 

Guest parking is most abused in communities and resident housing areas, where guests do not follow community or HOA’s rules. 

With Reliant Parking, residents are able to request their guest parking permits with specific details about guest vehicles. This will allow the guest to park in specific zones and display their permit. 

The practice will prevent abuse of parking space and will also help enforcers identify the vehicles that are not authorized to park in the area. 

Smartphone Application Available

Reliant Parking comes with a dedicated smartphone application that is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This application can be downloaded for free and provides parking solutions at your fingertips. 

You can instantly access all of the parking features on the applications and also contact support staff much more conveniently. 

Residents will be able to update their information and request permits on the go while parking managers will validate those details even if they are not near their computers. 

Efficient Parking Rules Enforcement 

Through the Reliant Parking platform, parking managers can customize rules that will be available for all to see who is registered on the platform.

Hence, they will have much more convenience in enforcing those rules and making people aware of new rules when updated. 

Residents who are registered will be able to report parking violations for example if someone has parked in their space, and parking managers will be able to deal with them promptly making residents happier and generating positive responses. 

Revenue Generation Possibilities

Reliant parking also allows parking managers to generate revenue from their parking spaces. Managers can issue parking permits to guests after agreeing upon a said rate and charge residents for rendering efficient parking services. 

Also, managers can charge for parking violations which will help in enhancing the revenue stream which will in turn help the community build more efficient and convenient parking spaces and zones. 

So, with this platform, you will have lots of possibilities to generate revenue. You can get in touch with one of the consultants today to get a more refined idea. 

Request a Free Demo Anytime

For property owners, parking managers, community managers, property managers, and anyone who wants to manage a parking space, Reliant Parking provides a free demo at the time of your choice. 

You can do a test run on our services and get customize ideas to your specific needs and area. One of the parking experts will help you with customized 

How To Sign Up For Reliant Parking Service?

If you are managing parking space for a community, apartment buildings, housing society, homeowners association, student housing, or any other sort of housing and need an efficient and convenient parking management solution, then you can get in touch with Reliant Parking services. 

To get in touch, you will have to go to their official website: 

Once you get to the homepage, simply scroll down to the bottom or explore the services and benefits of the platform on the webpage and get to the request form. It will look like this:

Sign Up For Reliant Parking

Fill out the form and an expert from Reliant Parking will reach out to you. Once you have communicated with a Reliant Parking expert and have registered with the platform. You will be issued login credentials including your username and password. You can use that to log in on the Managers Portal on the official homepage. In the top right corner You will find it Do not confuse login with Resident Login (the big orange button).

Once you go to the login page, you can log in using the credentials that are provided by Reliant Parking to see and manage your resident’s parking info.

How Residents Register On Reliant Parking?

Once your parking manager has registered with Reliant Parking Services, they will be able to manage an account on the platform. 

You can ask the parking manager who will help you get started with the registration process. Residents cannot register without an access code. Each parking community will be issued a specific access code. 

Go to the Reliant Parking homepage and click on Resident Login in the top right corner to get started. It will be a big orange button with a lock icon. 

You will have to ask your property manager for the access code. Once you insert the access code and click on start, you will begin the registration process. 

You will have to provide all of your resident info along with your vehicle information to get a resident permit for your vehicle. The vehicle information will include the make and model of the vehicle, the license plate number, and the color of the vehicle. 

Whenever you change your vehicle, you will have to update the information yourself. Once your parking manager identify your information , you will be able to access the portal using a username and password. 

You can simply log in through the smartphone application and get access to all the features that are available for residents. 

Reliant Parking App

The Reliant Parking application on smartphones is one of the most convenient applications that provides you access to tons of features and makes parking a lot easier. 

Once you have registered on the platform, you can log in using the mobile app. The mobile app provides you access to basic features like updating your profile, ordering or checking the status of your resident permit, and requesting guest parking permits. 

Each resident will be issue a limited number of guest parking permits based on the available space in the community. If you run out of your guest permits, you can contact the parking manager to get more permits if they are available. 

The mobile app makes it really convenient for residents to get permits for their guests. 

Also, the application provides you the option to report parking violations instantly which will aid the parking managers in enforcement of the parking rules of the community. 

You can report violations if someone has parked in your parking space or if someone has parked in the fire lane. Parking managers will get instant notification about the violation and will beagle to deal with it promptly. 

You can also watch parking rules customized by your property manager or HOA which are specific to your community. It is good to be aware of the rules to ensure that you follow them and report violations if someone in your neighborhood is not following them. 

This application also makes it easier to contact Reliant Parking Customer Support. You can share your Reliant Parking Reviews on the Play Store or App Store. 

Reliant Parking Customer Support

If you want to get in touch with Reliant Parking, there are various ways to do so. You can send them a message using the official portal dedicated to resident support at: 

You can also reach out to Reliant Parking email [email protected] or call them at (888) 977-6848 anytime you want. 

If you want to send something through the mail, their mailing address is as follows: PO Box 130004 Carlsbad, CA 92013

Frequently Asked Questions

If a community or apartment building has limited parking space, Reliant Parking provides the perfect solution for parking management. You can get in touch with their experts to get a customized solution to your problems.

The platform streamlines the parking management process. Issuing resident and guest permits for authorized vehicles and allowing residents to report parking violations instantly . It helps to deal all the issues promptly. 

The parking rules are available and are accessible by everyone through the Reliant Parking mobile app. Residents can report instantly if someone is violating these rules and parking managers can forward the violations to their enforcement teams for prompt action.


Reliant Parking provides the perfect solution for parking and permit management issues. A centralized platform for parking managers that helps streamline the process and manage parking hassles conveniently and efficiently. 

Through effective parking management, both residents and parking managers are happy. Reliant Parking has a highly efficient support team that helps both parking managers and residents deal with all problems promptly. They are available 24/7. 

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