My Community VIP – Your Perfect Parking Solution!

Residential communities can manage parking much more efficiently now with My Community VIP, the one-stop solution for smarter and more efficient parking. 

The platform provides you with a wide range of services that are designed to streamline your parking management and eliminate the problems associated with conventional parking permit acquisition. 

Hence, with this platform, parking management for residential communities is easier and more efficient, providing a stress-free experience to both. 

In this article, I will be exploring in detail how you can register on this platform for your diverse needs and everything else that you need to be aware of. 

How to Register Vehicles on My Community VIP – A Step-by-Step Guide

Residents can create their “Resident Profiles” and “Vehicle Identification Profiles” on the platforms that can be approved by their community for a seamless parking experience.

Creating resident profiles and registering vehicles is a simple and convenient process that is available 24 hours a day. So, you can access it anytime you want. 

Here is a step-by-step process to register your vehicle and get your parking permit on the platform:

Step 1: Creating a Resident Profile

First of all, you will have to create a resident profile on the platform before you can register the vehicle. 

To do that, you will have to go to the official website and select Resident Profile Access. 

Once you have entered and found the details of your community, click on it and enter the community passcode provided by your community. 

Then you will have to provide all the necessary details regarding verification of your resident profile and then submit. 

Step 2: Wait for Approval from the Community

Once you have submitted your resident details on the platform, you will have to wait for approval. 

Once your profile is verified and approved by the community, you can begin the vehicle registration process. 

Go to your email and get the passcode which will be included in the profile approval email.  

Step 3: Registering a Vehicle

Once you have received verification for approval of the resident profile, you can go again to the company’s official website and register your resident vehicle. 

To do that, go to, and select Resident Profile Access. Enter your community name and select Manage Resident Profile. 

If your profile has been approved, you will be able to access it using your apartment number and a passcode that has been provided to you in the email. 

Once you have accessed the profile, you can start the vehicle registration process by adding the vehicle. 

You will have to add all the details of the vehicle including make and model, color, and license plate number. Make sure that the information you provide is accurate. 

Once you have completed the process, you will get a permit or permit-less parking access for a convenient parking experience. 

If you run into any issues during the whole process, you can always contact customer support. 

My Community VIP – Parking Solution for Community Managers

Aside from providing services to the residents, My Community VIP also provides a management platform to community managers who can control the parking preferences for their community. 

The platform provides two types of permit-issuing services:

Permit Parking Services – Paperless Permits

The platform features Vehicle Identification Profiles that make parking management for community managers a lot easier. 

Residents can update their own vehicle profiles and update any information that has changed, including new vehicle purchases. 

Hence, as a community manager, you don’t have to manually document everything and don’t have much burden. Residents will do everything themselves and you just have to verify and approve. 

Once the community managers have verified the details of a resident, they can approve a resident profile. The resident will then apply for a permit and community managers can issue a paperless parking permit. 

Permitless Parking Service – Electronic Parking Management

The platform also provides you with a permitless parking service that utilizes the vehicle’s displayed license plate number as an electronic permit. 

Once residents have submitted a vehicle profile, their license will act as a permit itself. Residents will update any new information regarding their car using their Resident Profile Management portal, and the community managers will approve them. 

Using the permitless parking service allows community managers to get free from hassles of issuing permits and get a more efficient vehicle management that keeps up with the modern standards. 

Community Management Platform

As a community manager, you also have access to a unique and advanced community management platform that allows you to efficiently manage the community’s parking preferences. 

The platform will be used by community managers to approve the submitted requests for parking profiles and issue special community codes to each user for their vehicles registered. 

If you are using permit parking services, then the platform will also help you in issuing and managing permits. 

If it is a permit-less parking service, the platform will provide you with a comprehensive database of registered vehicle identification profiles for efficient electronic management. 

This cloud-based software will also allow you to restrict the number of vehicles for each apartment unit. This aids in effectively managing the parking needs of residents. 

You will also be able to prevent unauthorized vehicles from being parked or stored in the valuable parking spaces. 

Why Choose My Community VIP?

The platform is unique and one of a kind that provides both residents and community managers a seamless solution to their parking problems. 

Parking is one of the major issues that US residents have to face, and when you are living in a community, this issue can be quite frustrating and annoying. 

Imagine someone has occupied your parking space, someone who doesn’t even live there, and now you have to park somewhere far away. You must know the hassles of conventional parking permits. 

Also, as community managers, managing resident vehicles and assigning parking permits manually is a lot of work that consumes so much of your time. 

With bundles of other responsibilities you have, this work can really weigh you down. 

My Community VIP provides both residents and community managers with the perfect solution to this problem. 

The VIP stands for Vehicle Identification Profiles, which residents can set up and manage themselves. As community managers, all you have to do is verify and approve the requests they submit, and the platform will do the rest of the management. 

Also, this will help the communities manage their parking spaces in a better and more efficient manner. Hence, unauthorized parking will be deferred. 

Benefits of Using My Community VIP Services

All in all, you must have gotten the idea from the above article that the platform provides you with a fast, convenient, and straightforward method to manage the whole community. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent benefits of using this platform’s services:

Customizable Parking Preferences

Aside from managing the parking preferences, community managers can also customize the parking options and restrictions to make sure that ample parking is available for everyone in the community. 

Time-Saving Management

The platform saves a lot of time by allowing residents to register their own profiles and vehicles with community managers only having to approve and manage those profiles. This allows everyone to share the burden collectively. 

Better Community Building and Relations

With more efficient parking management, residents of a community are a lot happier and are able to build better relations with their community managers. With better efficiency and control, community managers are also able to remain worry-free. 

Maximize Productivity

With efficient management and control, the platform enhances your productivity by a lot. You will be able to verify and issue permits or VIPs a lot faster compared to manual documentation and permit-making. 

Automated Operations

This cloud-based web software automates a lot of operations that would otherwise consume a lot of your time. The platform also sends automated notifications to users, updating them on anything necessary. 

Better Communication

Through this platform, residents are also able to communicate with the community managers in a better way. Effective communication is the backbone of strong community building. 

Paperless Management

It also significantly reduces the paperwork for both residents and community managers. Paperless management, online permits, and online verification remove all kinds of paperwork and document keeping, which makes everything paperless. 

Minimize Unwanted Vehicle Parking

One of the most beneficial features of this platform is the minimization of unauthorized and unwanted parking in the community’s parking space. This allows for more spaces for residents and guests. 

My Community VIP Customer Support

You can get in touch with the customer support staff using the online portal. You will have to describe your query or problem and an online agent will get in touch with you when available. 

If you want a quicker or instant response, you can call them at +1 (888) 883-7458 or even get in touch through email at [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the platform doesn’t have a mobile application as of yet. They might have one in the future. So, no Android or iOS application is available. However, you can conveniently access the web portal, regardless of the device you are using. 

The service is designed for parking space management in communities. So, it is an efficient service for community managers and residents of that community. The platform provides a lot of benefits. 

VIP stands for Vehicle Identification Profiles. The platform provides users with the ability to make their own resident profiles in the community and then register their own vehicles. 


My Community VIP stands as a testament to the modernized parking solutions. The platform offers unrivaled convenience and efficiency and provides you with uniquely tailored services to enhance your parking management experience. 

Community managers can rest easy now, knowing that the platform will perfectly manage all the vehicle and resident profiles and all they have to do is verify and approve them through paperless methods. 

If you run into any issues, you can get in touch with highly efficient customer support staff. 

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